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Blogging can be a difficult task for some physicians because the task of creating unique content on a consistent basis is stressful. At times, you might find yourself sounding like a broken record, repeating the same ideas over and over again until they are trite and uninteresting. There will be some days where you will feel drained creatively. And there will be days when you feel so stressed or rushed that you simply do not have enough time to write a blog entry. For the times when your fingers feel heavy or your mind feels empty, it helps to find inspiration from other sources. Here are some of MindStream Creative’s favorite healthcare-related blogs.

KevinMD.com – Though the name suggests articles written only by physicians, it also features a variety of entries by other medical professionals. Much of the content comes from a personal standpoint.

Wall Street Journal Health Blog – While a great deal of the content focuses on the business of medicine, this blog is a great resource for up-to-date info on medical studies and other statistical data.

New York Times Health and Wellness Blog – Healthcare news straight from the newspaper headlines.

Of course, there are just a few of the hundreds of healthcare blogs which can be found throughout the Internet. A quick Google search will turn up countless results, many of which are geared towards a specific aspect of healthcare. Looking for financial information? Technology? Perhaps you’re interested in pediatrics, pharmaceuticals, or a specific branch of medicine. Chances are there’s a blog for that! Remember that not all blogs are written from an objective standpoint, and not all information comes from credible sources. Make sure to do your homework before snagging inspiration from the ideas of others.

What are your favorite healthcare-related blogs? Do you have a list? Or are you struggling to keep up with an overabundance of bookmarks and web links? Consider creating a RSS feed account – like Google Reader, which can compile many different blog and news sources into a single information stream – so that you can keep yourself up to date on all the latest info from your favorite blogs.