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The Impatient Patient: 4 Tips for a Shorter Patient Wait

Time is something we are all in short supply of. This is a distinct realization many patients have when waiting to see their healthcare provider. Wait times are a major drain on the patient experience, with a staggering 97% of patients frustrated by wait times,...

5 Things Your Healthcare Marketing Must Have

Competing in this ever-changing healthcare marketplace has become more and more challenging. Patients have higher expectations of their medical providers and are taking a more active role in their healthcare planning and delivery. To effectively market and grow any...

4 Qualities of Exceptional Healthcare Employees

When soliciting for exceptional healthcare employees, having a team of highly skilled employees goes without saying. We want all of our employees to have the skills needed to perform their job duties exceptionally. But what else is important? Believe it or not, the...

How Your Marketing is Holding You Back from Growing

The competitive world in which we live has made it more challenging than ever to run a successful business without marketing. Healthcare is not immune to this need. There is a growing trend for medical marketing, however, what is most effective isn’t always what the...

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