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How to Jumpstart Your Word of Mouth Marketing Program

Word of mouth (WOM) marketing is considered by 59% of small business owners to be the most effective form of marketing. Yet, many healthcare organizations fail to use WOM to its’ full potential. This is especially true for medical practices, where smaller marketing...

How Patient Education Videos Can Improve Compliance and Outcomes

The need with which healthcare providers share information with patients must evolve to meet the regulatory requirements of Meaningful Use, Value-based purchasing and the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program. In order to improve compliance and outcomes, these...

Why Authentic Marketing Is Good for Business

Authenticity can be defined as being real or genuine. As humans bombarded with over the top marketing messages, we have naturally become skeptics and hesitant to believe almost anything we hear. Businesses have become likened to politicians, just trying to get the...

The Science of Color in Medical Marketing

Color evokes an emotional response within people. In healthcare, the colors used in marketing and branding can give a patient confidence or make them feel at edge. Studies have shown that color can influence 60-80% of a customer’s buying decision. Studies also show...

The Impatient Patient: 4 Tips for a Shorter Patient Wait

Time is something we are all in short supply of. This is a distinct realization many patients have when waiting to see their healthcare provider. Wait times are a major drain on the patient experience, with a staggering 97% of patients frustrated by wait times,...

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