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The Employee/Patient Connection and Why it Matters

More often than not, a patient’s first contact with your practice is through your employees. The impression that this encounter makes paves the way for your practices success or failure. The power of a genuine smile and interest is priceless. When people are...

How to Incentivize Healthcare Employees to Cross-Sell

As mentioned in previous blog posts, it is very important to utilize the fact that employees can be advocates for your practice. An engaged employee will be able to convince potential patients that your practice is the best choice for the services they need. They...

How to Successfully Market Your Medical Practice in the New Year

It’s September, which means the year will be over in less than 3 months. It’s now time to start planning for 2014. To plan for the new year: 1.     Analyze the Year’s Performance An effective way of analyzing the practices medical marketing strategy for the year is...

Tips to Monitor Your Professional Online Reputation

In the 21st century, managing a reputation online is vital to the survival and growth of a medical practice. The Internet is usually the first place a new patient encounters a practice. How the practice is represented online will determine if a prospective patient...

How to Encourage Patients to be Conscious Consumers

A conscious consumer is someone who is critically aware of his or her decisions pertaining to goods and services. As the demand for health care increases, patients need to make more conscious decisions. Doctors can help encourage patients to be conscious consumers by...

Productive Physicians and Happy Patients

The past few blogs have focused on employees and patients but doctors also play a big role in retaining patients. When a patient makes contact with a practice is it usually an employee that they meet. The employees can be the highly engaged, but if the doctor is not...

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