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The Reason Your Medical Website is Not Generating New Patients

Challenge: Your website is getting lots of visitors, but considering the amount of views your site gets per day, the majority are not converting to leads or patients. A common problem many businesses experience is the lack of conversion on their medical website. Not...

Seven Ways to Boost Patient Satisfaction (Updated 2017 Version)

Patients have many choices available when considering a health care provider. Insurance companies are relied on less frequently when it comes to medical provider selection. Patient satisfaction is the cornerstone of any marketing growth plan. There are numerous ways...

Medical Marketing Tips You Can Implement Today

The techniques used today to effectively market a medical practice have changed dramatically from what was used just a few years ago. Patient’s expectations have changed and they are vocal about what they want from their healthcare provider. In order to not only...

Why Communication is Essential to Practice Growth

Health is one of the most valuable things to any individual. As someone who has an impact on a patient’s wellbeing, lending a listening ear to fears and concerns is important for you to remember, because it is one of the most direct ways to grow your medical practice....

How Patient Follow-Up Can Make a Difference for Your Medical Practice

A few years ago I received a call from my daughter’s pediatric dentist. We were very pleased with the quality of care received from the practice but had to switch to another provider due to insurance changes. Her dentist was calling to thank me for the kind words I...

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