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Marketing tips and tools to help your business grow. 

How Patient Follow-Up Can Make a Difference for Your Medical Practice

A few years ago I received a call from my daughter’s pediatric dentist. We were very pleased with the quality of care received from the practice but had to switch to another provider due to insurance changes. Her dentist was calling to thank me for the kind words I...

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Online Reputation

The patient experience is one that can propel a medical practice towards success or can be its downfall. It is virtually impossible to maintain a perfect patient satisfaction rating; however practices should strive towards it. Online business listing sites such as...

Tips for Improving Social Media Engagement

Social media marketing for a medical practice varies significantly from marketing within other industries. The biggest difference is HIPAA and protecting your patient’s privacy. This can make launching a social media strategy daunting. Once you get past this hurdle...

First Impressions: Are they Helping or Hurting Your Practice?

Every relationship starts with that first phone call, that first meeting between your practice and your potential patient. First impressions can help make or break your healthcare marketing strategy. This is common knowledge, yet many practices find that business is...

Three Tips for a Successful Marketing Strategy in 2015

One of the most important steps to effectively market a medical practice is to have a plan. Knowing where you were and where you want to be from a growth standpoint is essential. Here are three tips to building a successful marketing strategy that will put you on the...

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