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Marketing tips and tools to help your business grow. 

Four Tips for Building Consumer Trust in Healthcare

Effective marketing strategies are designed to both attract new patients and retain existing ones. Many medical marketing strategies focus on attracting new patients and ignore strategies for patient retention. The best way to retain existing patients is by building...

In Social Media Marketing it’s Diversify or Die

A marketing plan’s purpose is to attract new patients and retain old ones. An important component of a successful marketing strategy is social media and it is important to remember that marketing should not only be about your practice. A prospective patient often...

Streamlining your Medical Marketing Efforts

Medical marketing can seem overwhelming at times but can be made easier by streamlining your medical marketing efforts. To make marketing efforts easier, a practice can develop a marketing plan and conduct a marketing analysis. 1.    Conduct a Marketing Analysis A...

Happy Employees: The Lifeblood of Your Medical Practice

The first impression of your practice is typically not the first time a new patient sees the building but when the patient calls in to request an appointment. The tone in which an employee talks to patients can either drive away or pull a patient in. Your employees’...

Mid Year Review: Are Your 2013 Marketing Efforts Effective?

June is the perfect time to have a mid-year review. The mid-year review analyzes your practice in terms of goals set at the beginning of the year. It evaluates the growth of the practice to see how successful marketing was and helps you determine any necessary...

Blogging 102: Knowing What to Blog About

Staying relevant on the Internet is not hard but it is time consuming. Previous blog posts have extensively gone into depth about how to stay relevant. These include using blog posts. From keywords to content, blogs are important for medical practices. So now that you...

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