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If your loved one had to be a patient at your practice or hospital, how would you feel? Would you be confident that the care they would receive by everyone who crossed their path would be exemplary? Would they have a positive patient experience? What about if the roles were reversed and you were the patient? What if you were the person who was dependent on the kindness and talents of others for your survival?

The Cleveland Clinic’s, Empathy Series, showcases the true heart of medicine. It reminds us that empathy is an essential component of patient care. Their series of videos focus on different areas of healthcare and how they can impact the quality of care that is provided to patients.

Many healthcare providers do the same thing day after day. The newness of their job is gone, and some of the things that come out of our mouths sound almost rehearsed because they’ve said them so often. I remember years ago when I worked in the medical industry going over post-operative instructions with patient after patient. I remember thinking at times, “Have I said that already to this patient.”

We have to remember that while this may not be the first time we are saying whatever is coming out of our mouths, this is the first time the patient is hearing it. To them, what we are saying may be scary. It may be unclear. It may be confusing. And our delivery may seem calculated and without feeling.

It is critical that as caregivers we consider empathy when we communicate. Healthcare marketing is about communication, sure, but patient care is about communication on a much more personal level. It is about the person who is standing or sitting or lying across from you. It’s about making them feel that they are the most important thing to you at that very moment. When we can achieve this as caregivers, we will be unstoppable. Patient satisfaction and the patient experience drive a healthcare businesses success. If you want to grow your healthcare business, watch this video.