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Thanksgiving is a time for showing gratitude. But in reality, every day should be a day for giving thanks. We often get bogged down in our work and lose sight of the many things for which we have to be grateful. This negative viewpoint creates stress and over time can cause weight gain, sickness, and many other health issues. In a business setting, finding gratitude at work can transform one’s perspective and lead to greater success.

We are hardwired for survival. As such, the brain by default is programmed to focus on the negatives instead of the positives. This is so we can protect ourselves. For survival, we must be aware of anything that threatens our way of life. If negative thoughts are allowed to write our story, we become more stressed, anxious and unhappy. This displeasure can translate not only to work but our home too. Sadly, it can also affect those who live with us and our relationships with them.

Gratitude allows you to focus energy on the things for which you have to be thankful. This perspective change translates into significant health benefits including lowered stress, improved cardiovascular health, more energy, and weight loss.

Three things you can do to find gratitude at work

  1. Be mindful of your thoughts. Positive thoughts will create a more positive work experience. When you are down about something at work, it is critical to find even the smallest thing for which you are grateful. Seeing the positive in any situation can diffuse it in your mind and transform your perspective for the better.
  2. Keep a gratitude journal. Make it a daily part of your routine to recognize the things for which you are grateful. Start your day or end it by jotting down five things. Gratitude should be for more than possessions or status. Find gratitude in the ability to wake up each day. Find gratitude in having a job or a car to get to work. Recognizing this is a huge first step towards living a life of gratitude.
  3. Recognize your colleagues. Work is often a team approach. Recognize the efforts of the people with whom you share your day. Their time and insight make your job easier. Without their efforts, your career would not be as successful as it is. Recognizing others not only lifts their spirits, but it will also boost yours as well.