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Who doesn’t love a good story? 

Storytelling in marketing has become one of the most significant things a business can do to connect with and share information with existing and prospective customers. 

As so eloquently stated, humans are wired to respond to a well-crafted narrative. Stories elicit a chemical response in the brain. The more engaged our brains are in what we are reading our viewing, the more likely we will put that story to memory. Stories help people feel connected. And that is precisely the point in marketing – to help people feel connected to a brand. 

What is a brand story, and why is it important? 

A brand story is the story behind your business. It is the reason the company came to fruition, and it is the why that drives you today. A well-crafted brand story can inspire people and help them connect emotionally with your business. 

We are located in Bend, Oregon. A beautiful city with a ton of small businesses. Our community prides itself on supporting our local businesses because they care about the people working in it and want the company to thrive. 

But not every business succeeds. Some get it, and some don’t. After marketing for over 20 years, we have seen time and again how stories impact buying decisions and brand loyalty. 

If you never let people in, how are they going to feel loyal to your business? 

In April, when many businesses had to close their doors temporarily, some of our clients needed a different social media marketing approach. Pitching nonessential products and services seemed superficial when the world was in turmoil. We began developing more content that used stories. These stories often featured the people within the business or the customers they have helped (with signed authorization, of course). They highlighted what they were doing amid the pandemic. Some stories highlighted how they were contributing to the greater good. And still, some stories provided tips to help the customer navigate such an unprecedented time. They were upbeat, inspirational, and sometimes humorous. The stories supported the brand story by reinforcing the company’s foundational marketing messages. 

Our tactics were spot on. Customers responded much better to the stories than other more generic forms of content. Why? Because the content helped customers feel connected to the business and the people within it, despite the closure. 

Yes, businesses are open now, but storytelling’s power remains just as vital as it was in the spring. Your story is a beautiful thing and deserves a prominent place in your marketing. If you aren’t using your brand story or haven’t developed it yet, we will help!