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Marketing tips and tools to help your business grow. 

Three Tips to Boost Your Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategy

Growing a healthcare business today is quite different than it was ten or even five years ago. Traditional marketing, such as TV, radio and print are no longer the primary focus of successful businesses. Cost effective medical marketing strategies are mainstream with...

The Secret to a Successful Physician Referral Network

It is estimated that 80-90 percent of new patients come from referring physicians and word-of-mouth. What happens if the referral source(s) stop referring? Where will your new patients come from? Learn the secrets to a successful physician referral network.

The Secret to Generating Website Inquiries

Your website is one of the most important medical marketing tools in your arsenal. The purpose of a website today is not to list everything imaginable about your practice. It is to get the visitors to take action. Many medical practices fail to guide visitors on their website, resulting in a large loss of potential revenue.

Point of Care Marketing: How Does Yours Stack Up?

In order to make the most out of every patient encounter and reduce the chance that patients go elsewhere for services you offer, medical practices should develop a point of care marketing strategy. Here are some tips to help you enhance or develop your own strategy.

The Patient Experience: Adhering to the “Golden Rule”

Employees, services, and outcome should mirror the intent of any facility, and that’s to deliver an excellent patient experience. Think about it: a patient isn’t coming to you because they like the paintings on the wall, for stimulating conversation or even because...

Why Connecting with Patients is the Key to Practice Growth

Even though doctors and patients these days seem to be surrounded by technology, the foundation of medicine stems from face-to-face interaction. The heart and soul of healthcare lies in human contact, genuine concern, and empathy. However, in the digital age where...

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