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Marketing tips and tools to help your business grow. 

Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

Email marketing is dead, they said. Social media marketing is the only way to go, they said. But they are wrong. If your goal is to increase brand awareness, gain new leads, and grow your business, you don’t want to ignore email marketing. When battling head to head,...

The Science Behind Using Color in Marketing

The psychology of color’s effect, when used in marketing, has been debated for years. Some experts claim that specific colors should be used in marketing as they elicit desired emotions and buying behaviors. While color has been proven to enhance long-term memory,...

Social Media Etiquette for Businesses – Five Tips for Success

Social media has transformed the way we communicate with one another. It brings people together and allows them to share their life with others. From a business perspective, social media provides an opportunity for businesses to find and connect with existing and...

Empathy and How it Transforms Medicine and the Patient Experience

If your loved one had to be a patient at your practice or hospital, how would you feel? Would you be confident that the care they would receive by everyone who crossed their path would be exemplary? Would they have a positive patient experience? What about if the...

Finding Gratitude in Your Every Day at Work

Thanksgiving is a time for showing gratitude. But in reality, every day should be a day for giving thanks. We often get bogged down in our work and lose sight of the many things for which we have to be grateful. This negative viewpoint creates stress and over time can...

Four Social Media Marketing Tactics You Should Implement in 2019

As the end of the year approaches it is time to reflect on your business's successes and failures and plan for the coming year. Understanding what is working for other companies can help save time and money while often generating more significant returns. You should...

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