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How Relationship-Building Can Strengthen Your Aesthetic Practice

The doctor-patient network is a web of interconnecting relationships forged between each person who steps through your door. A key strategy for effectively growing an aesthetic practice is optimizing patient referrals, but as a provider, it is important to understand that every referral received can be traced back to a single patient experience. Before you sit down with a patient, consider the number of social relationships that patient may have. Increased patient satisfaction starts by forging a bond that will resonate throughout that social network.

How to Win Support for Adding Social Media Marketing in Healthcare

As marketing consultants, a question we frequently are asked is how to deliver the argument of adding social media to a medical practice. Medical providers are typically cautious when considering moving to the social media realm of marketing. This challenge puts the...

Medical Marketing Mistakes

Marketing starts with a desire to grow. When any marketing campaign is initiated, it is imperative that incoming leads are tracked to measure a return on the investment put forth. Marketing tracking is important because it allows the medical practice to remove any marketing campaigns deemed ineffective so marketing dollars can be utilized smarter.

The Importance of Mystery Shopping Your Medical Practice

Medical mystery shopping has become more and more necessary and common with the health reform changes underway. The increased need to see more patients because of decreased reimbursements means that patients may potentially end up shortchanged when it comes to quality...

How to Grow Your Practice Locally

The evolution of effective marketing continues to change and is now quite different from traditional marketing methods. Today, businesses must create a strong online presence to gain market share. Google has made it easier for businesses to boost their local search...

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