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Marketing tips and tools to help your business grow. 

Dos and Don’ts of Social Media in Healthcare

More and more healthcare providers are finding social media marketing to be a versatile way to connect with their patients. Perhaps the idea of patient interaction via the social network excites you. Or are you hesitant? Do you wonder how best to approach the topic of...

Internet Marketing 101: Closing the Medical Marketing Loop

An effective medical marketing campaign begins with a purpose and ends with a new patient. The process between these two points can be confusing especially with the evolution towards internet marketing. Our last two blogs showcased what you can do as a medical...

Internet Marketing 101: Transforming Website Leads into Patients

In this age of medical marketing, it is important to change strategies and remain fluid to consistently grow a medical practice. One change that has occurred is the growing importance of using the internet to brand, educate and communicate with patients. Last week’s blog discussed getting found on the internet. If you missed this, it can be read here. While getting found is great, what medical practices really want is to get more patients! This week we are going to discuss how to transition website visitors into leads and eventually patients.

Healthcare Providers: Are You Getting Found Online?

This day in age, consumers do not want to be hounded with ads telling them what they should buy. The days of successful traditional marketing have taken a back seat to internet marketing. As consumers are utilizing the internet more often to search for things they...

Lending a Listening Ear in Healthcare

Health is one of the most valuable things to any individual. As someone who has an impact on a patient’s well being, lending a listening ear to fears and concerns is important for you to remember, because it is one of the most direct ways to grow your practice. Unfortunately, it’s not always the easiest thing to do. But just as there are many different sorts of patients, there are many different ways to open up patient dialogue, and some of them are easier than you would think!

Marketing for the Season

It is important that physicians maximize patient visits by educating each patient on the full breadth of services offered at their practice. This minimizes instances where patients go elsewhere for services they could have received by their trusted doctor. This blog shares tips medical providers can implement to maximize their marketing reach.

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