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Marketing tips and tools to help your business grow. 

Creating Strong Doctor/Patient Bonds

With all the advancements in medicine, today's healthcare environment has devolved when it comes to communication and patient satisfaction. Physicians are feeling the pressure now more than ever, to see a greater number of patients each day due to the increase in...

How Medical Practices Can Grow by Asking Questions

It is easy to get bogged down in the day to day details of working in a busy medical practice. While it is important to get each patient back to the doctor as quickly as possible with minimal wait, it is also equally important to spend a little extra time with them to...

A Doctor’s Phone Call Means a Happy Patient

I recently received a call from my daughter's pediatric dentist whom we have thoroughly enjoyed going to. Due to insurance reasons, we needed to switch to an in-network provider. Her dentist was calling to thank me for the kind words I listed on their exit survey...

Your Medical Practice Lifeline

Have you ever considered the impression a caller receives when they dial into your practice? Are they given a warm and friendly hello? Are they immediately put on hold for extended lengths of time? Are they transferred to everyone in your practice so they can simply...

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